Activate your photo

With Instashot, photo is not only colors and shapes, but also a new way of getting things done.

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Pin Anything, on Anything

Using sketches, shapes, even emojis😸, your point has never been clearer and sharper.
Worrying about running out of space? Leave your thoughts in the text box.

“Great Minds Think Alike”

Instantly start your discussion with a link, get folks onboard, and see people’s thoughts, literally, in real-time.
Have trouble explaining? Just draw it out. It’s that easy.

Information at Fingertips

Documents have never been so friendly. With Text Recognition + Readability Filters, webpage, whiteboard, contract, notes, feel like feather in the breeze… You name it, Instashot gets it.

See Big, Think Bigger

Your mind goes way beyond the biggest iPad Pro. With more space to view photo, pins, comments, the stream of thoughts flows endlessly.

(whisper) FYI, Instashot works perfectly with Apple Pencil. Shh…

What people think of us:

I wish I could be back in time to my college days) studying would be so much easier —— Janice Gao, Producthunt
This is actually the coolest thing to ever exist. i used to use online tools where you uploaded an image and it had to be processed. this is going to make life so much easier and i am so hyped to try this out !! :)) —— midnight, Producthunt
This is a BRILLIANT idea. I've needed something like this for a long time. Relief! —— Sgaebler, App Store
This is one of those apps you didn’t know you needed,and now can’t imagine living without. —— Alexis RK, App Store
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